Memorial Mondays: Thapelo Makutle

I’ve decided to make Mondays on CRnotCP, “Memorial Mondays.” Each week, I will write in remembrance of someone lost due to the hate and violence against the LGBT. Let’s bring the death/suicide count down by promoting awareness and taking a stand together!

Gender based hate crimes are committed in every country, not just ours. In this story, the crime took place in Northern Cape, Africa. Thapelo Makutle  was an LGBT activist, a rights defender, and also a transgender beauty pageant winner. He had recently won the Miss Gay patent in the small town of Kuruman. Thapelo had reportedly worked as a volunteer for LEGBO Northern Cape, a local gay advocacy group, and is also believed to have participated in the Kimberley Out in Africa and Lesbian Festival. LGBT activists are severely threatened in this country.

Witnesses had told police that two men were arguing with Thapelo about his sexual orientation on the night he was murdered. On Saturday June 9, 2012, in his own bed, his throat was slit and his genitals were cut off then stuffed into his mouth. His throat was so brutally cut into, that the media reported Thapelo beheaded, until they were later corrected. He was buried on June 16. On Monday June 25th the Police made the arrest of 22 year old Sizwe Jajini, who then confessed to the gruesome murder. 

Remember: Thapelo Makutle. You are lost, but not forgotten.


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